Carnegie Sportive – 19th May ’24

Times for 2024:

25mile times:
Craig Irvine – 1hr30
Steven Jamieson – 1hr33
Cheryl Mouat – 1hr35
Mark Moncreiff – 1hr36
Kirsty Brightwell – 1hr42
David Mouat – 1hr43
Alistair Hunter – 1hr43
Jacqueline Tulloch – 1hr43
David Grant – 1hr45
Magnus Johnston – 1hr46
Elizabeth Grieve – 1hr53
Matt Bruce – 1hr53
Elizabeth Gifford – 2hr28
Joy Duncan – 3hr05

50mile times:
Andy Aitken – 2hr39
Cameron Read – 2hr39
Andrew Grant – 2hr39
Ross Osborn – 2hr39
Lynsey Henderson – 2hr51
Iain McDiarmid – 2hr51
Kevin Smith – 2hr52
Gary Horne – 2hr52
Steven Henry – 2hr52
Megan Halcrow – 3hr03
Robert Wishart – 3hr09
Stewart Hutchison – 3hr13
Tim Ash – 3hr24

Raising funds for the Carnegie Hall, Sandwick, The Carnegie Sportive is a non-competitive cycle event. Cyclists of all ages are welcome to challenge themselves over 5 miles (juniors), 25 miles or an all new for this year challenging 50 mile route. We also have a toddlers ride which is up and down the pavement – start ’em young!


You can enter online through British cycling here. This will entitle you to a discounted price of £16 (+£1 admin fee) and reduce registration faff on the day.

On the day entry

The entry fee on the day is £20 for both the 25 and 50-mile routes. The Junior ride entry fee is £5. Adults can also ride with their kids. Please bring cash with you to enter on the day.

On arrival

Please park by the Sandwick Junior High School as the hall limits parking. There is plenty of space at the hall for your bike though.


Registration is open between 9am and 9:45am. You should be registered before the event brief at 9:45am which everyone MUST attend. Roll out from Sandwick Hall for all routes will be at 10am.

Junior Ride

Open 8-17yr olds. We will leave the start right after the main event and ride out to Noness. There are options to turn back if this is too far. Please wear a helmet during your ride.

25 Mile Ride

Looping round Clumlie and Spiggie, this beautiful route is sure to get your heart pumping. A food station at Mainland’s will give you the boost to tackle Spiggie Hotel hill!
Link to the route

50 Mile Ride

You asked for a different route and we listened! You can tackle the 50-mile route for the extra challenge, which is from the hall, twice around the Clumlie/Spiggie without coming back to the hall and then North to take in the back roads of Fladdabister and Aithsetter. Not for the faint-hearted as there are many hills to conquer. We would ask that if you think you won’t complete this in under 4hrs, please consider the 25-mile ride.
Link to the route


Under 16’s are allowed to ride the 25 or 50-mile routes but must be accompanied by an adult.
Veloform workshop will be there for minor repairs and assistance. However, please ensure your bike is ready to ride on the day. Teas and refreshments will be provided afterwards at the Carnegie Hall

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Robin Atkinson or contact

2022 Times!
25 mile:
Cameron Read – 1hr 18min
Gary Horne – 1hr 22
Mark Moncrieff – 1hr 25
Raymond Aitken – 1hr 27
William Mosedale – 1hr 28
Ryan Leith – 1hr 37
Martin Sandison – 1hr 38
Cheryl Mouat – 1hr 40
Megan Halcrow – 1hr 40
Alwyn Farquhar – 1hr 42
Andrew Farquhar – 1hr 42
Alan Patrick – 1hr 57
Mark Fountain – 1hr 59
William Cuther – 2hrs 04
Maya Darrell Hewins 2hrs – 09

50 mile Times!
Ewan McGuire – 2hrs 41min
Colin Smith – 2hrs 41
Iain McDiarmid – 2hrs 41
Daniel O’Connor – 2hrs 43
Kevin Smith – 2hrs 43
Karl Bolt – 2hrs 44
John Thomson – 2hrs 45
Elizabeth Atia – 2hrs 48
Frederic Mouat – 2hrs 50
Paul Baxter – 3hrs 04
Tim Ash – 3hrs 21
Davis Mouat – 3hrs 30
Jacqueline Tulloch – 3hrs 35

2021 Times:

25 mile:
Stewart Hutchison – 1hr28
Liam Anderson – 1hr29
Craig Irvine – 1hr34
George Simpson – 1hr38
Eric Porter – 1hr41
Harris Porter – 1hr41
Jacqueline Tulloch – 1hr52
Anne Bennet – 1hr58
David Mouat – 2hr03
Cheryl Mouat – 2hr03
Una Simpson – 2hr04
Sonia Holland – 2hr06
Neil Beattie – 2hr13
Merran Nugent – 2hr14
Alison Williamson 2hr14
Maya Hewins – 2hr23
Raymond Saxelby – 2hr25
Elizabeth Gifford – 2hr29
Alexandra Gundry – 2hr50
Mark Fraser – 2hr50

50 mile:

Andrew Grant – 2hr36
Iain McDiarmid – 2hrs49
Mark Moncreiff – 2hr50
Lewis Anderson – 2hr53
Karl Bolt – 2hr56
Elizabeth Atia – 2hrs57
Brian Dempster 3hr00
Andrew Farquhar 3hrs00
Gary Robinson – 3hr18
Paul Baxter – 3hrs1