Epic Challenges

Veloform loves a good challenge and there’s plenty in Shetland to get your gear teeth stuck into. We have created finish badges for some epic adventures for you to collect. Drop us a message for rules and advice, we can put you in touch with those who have done it before.

The 4 Corner Challenge

Ride all of Shetland in one day in this 300km epic ride. The challenge is simple in concept. Cycle to all 4 mainland corners returning to where you started. Sumburgh Head (South), Sandness (West), Houll (North) and Lunna (East) You can do this in any order and start from where you like.
You will need to upload your GPS file and send us a link to qualify for the finishers badge (opposite). You can find an example here.

Current hall of fame:

  • June 2016 – Robin Atkinson
  • July 2019 – James Irvine
  • August 2019 – Daniel O’Connor
  • August 2020 – Lynsey Henderson
  • August 2020 – Andrew Aitken
  • June 2023 – Colin Smith
  • July 2023 – Iain Park
  • August 2023 – Duncan Watson
4CC Finishers badge
Shetland Everesting finishers badge

The Shetland Everest

Pit yourself against one of our many hills for an all out epic day of climbing. Find a hill and keep going up and down for as many times as it takes to climb 8848m – the height of Mt. Everest. Not only will you be entered into the Hell’s 500 Hall of Fame but you will also pick up this really neat badge to show off to your mates. You will also get a Strava segment named after you with the number of reps you did on it.

Current hall of fame: